How to treat stomach virus

Features of treatment of stomach virus in different stages of the disease are different. In the acute period you need to subside the inflammatory process in order to facilitate the state. In the chronic period treatment should lead to normalization and restoration of function of the intestine and stomach.

How to treat stomach virus

How to treat stomach virus

1 Make a gastric lavage

Removing the contents of the stomach is better make in the hospital. At home you can try to induce vomiting and wash stomach with a lot of boiled water.

2 Limit your intake of food

It is better not to eat during the acute phase of the disease? as hunger is necessary to facilitate the digestive tract and to define the severity of the disease. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

3 Stick to a special diet

If the condition has stabilized, it is possible to expand the diet, but gradually move to the following diet. Do not include fat and junk food, which is poorly absorbed. Eat lean meats, chicken, weak broths, fish and eggs. Eat a little of bread and pastries, knitting products. The basic meaning of the diet is to gradually make the digestive system to work without overloading.

4 Drink drugs containing bifidobacteria

They will help to restore the balance of flora and soothe irritated mucous membranes, so drink the preparations for the prescribed time.

5 Take vitamins

Gastroenteritis is often accompanied by a vitamin deficiency, so fill the lack of trace elements with complex additives.

6 Use recipes of folk medicine

Some infusions and decoctions have a pronounced astringent, so brew dry St. John’s wort and tansy, and take during the day. Cranberry juice and oatmeal are useful.

7 Use physiotherapy

Paraffin treatment and warming bandage ease pain, electrotherapy of high frequency will improve the general condition and normalizes the digestive system. Inductothermy restores the balance of metabolism and will have a positive effect on chronic processes.

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