How to treat broken ribs

Rib fractures are most often caused by falls, blows to the chest and accidents. In order to minimize the effect of the fracture, it is necessary to know how to treat broken ribs.

how to treat broken ribs

Fractures of the of ribs can be single and multiple. The main symptom of such an injury is significant pain, aggravated by breathing and coughing. If you put the head to the the thorax of the patient, then it is possible to hear the sounds of crepitations (the characteristic crackle of the fragments of ribs).

Rib fractures may be complicated by damage to the internal organs of the chest. Externally, it may cause the extensive bleeding under the skin or does not have visible symptoms. That is why it is necessary as soon as possible to deliver the patient to the hospital.

At the hospital, doctor at once will send the patient on x-ray, on the the basis of which it will be possible to say how strong is the damage to the thorax, as well as to assign treatment.

If broken ribs are uncomplicated, the patient can stay at home, with no casts. An oppressive bandage is put onto the ribs and it is prescribed to rest and recommended to avoid of sharp movements. The recovery period is 3-4 weeks. During this time, a special attention must be paid to diet, which must include foods rich in protein and calcium. Also the patient needs vitamins, containing calcium and vitamin D.

In the first days after the fracture it is necessary to take the pain relievers. If the ribs are broken on the one side, then the doctor will put the mustard plasters or cutting therapy to a healthy side. This is necessary to avoid of formation of stagnant things, which can lead to pneumonia.

Complicated rib fractures are treated in a hospital, under the supervision of a doctor. If the internal organs are damaged, the patient needs emergency surgery.

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