How to treat a torn muscle

Stretching or torn muscles are caused by excessive tension of muscles or ligaments. Very often this occurs because of intense exercises, disproportionated to your abilities, as well as because of over-active or fast movements or exercises with “cold” muscles. You may feel like something bursts or breaks when the muscle tissue or ligaments are too stretched. It may be painful to walk and move. Typically, stretching or a torn muscle treatment is from 1 to 6 weeks.

How to treat a torn muscle


The torn muscle is too stretched one, some tissues of it may be torn. There may be bleeding and swelling. As the injury passes, there may be small scars, and after the injury the muscle may not be supple and strong as before. If the joint is too tense, ligaments tissues and other tissues of supporting elements can be torn. In this case, the joint swells and becomes very sensitive and painful.

How to treat a torn muscle

In order to stop the bleeding and remove the tumor, it is recommended to use the following simple methods of treatment:

- After the injury you should avoid physical exertion and sudden movements (for 48 hours – total lack of pressure on the injured area).
- immediately after the injury as soon as possible you should put ice for at least 20 minutes and then every 4 hours during the first 48 hours. You can use ready-made packages of ice, cubes wrapped in a damp towel or even bags of frozen vegetables (such as peas). However, do not apply ice directly to the skin, it must be protected with a towel or napkin.
- you should put on the injured area an elastic pressure bandage.
- injured arm or leg should be kept in the raised position.

In addition:

1. After 48 hours, you can use a hot compress. Gentle exercises during hot bath can also help.
2. After 48 hours, you can make 10 stretching exercises for the affected muscle during a day, but they should be very smooth and soft. Avoid sudden movements, because you need to slightly stretch the muscle, and not to hurt it again.
3. If you pulled the leg, try to walk normally without limping. Take small steps, if necessary, use a cane.
4. After an injury you need regular exercises. Start with very light and smooth movements, but make every day.
5. After an injury you need to make the muscle strong and supple again. After an injury to the elbow area you need special exercises to prevent re-stretching in the same area. You may need a special bandage for sports.

What can a doctor do

Your doctor may suggest you to relieve pain and reduce swelling with medications. You may need a physical therapist. If the sprain is very severe, your doctor may suggest x-ray to make sure that the bone is intact. If the ligament is completely torn, surgery may be necessary.

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